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“I liked her as a person. I felt she was honest and fair, I could trust her. [I knew]She wouldn’t allow me to run up a humungous bill unnecessarily and would blow the whistle when I was getting to a dangerous area – which she did. She’s honest and straight forward, and I could communicate with her. I have a certain amount of expertise because I have a background in qualified pension plans, so I understand certain legal concepts. She could explain it to me so I could understand it. She didn’t talk down to me, didn’t tell me to sit quietly in corner and let her do things.” – Al Browning, Real Estate Investments and former Retirement Plan Specialist, San Francisco

“Estate planning was a new thing to both my husband and me. Jane never talked down to us, nor reprimanded us. We never felt patronized, like other Attorneys who make you feel they are the God and you are so unknowing and have stupid questions. Over the years I’ve dealt with lots of attorneys and Jane just makes me feel so relaxed. She’s reasonably priced, not charging exorbitant fees like a large law firm. You get the main attorney at reasonable fees with a highly experienced person.” – Janet Tara Morcom, business owner, CFI financial services