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Proactive Tax Planning Strategies That Can Save You Money

Are you concerned about the tax implications set into motion by your estate planning, or that of a relative in California?

At the Law Office Of Jane K. Penhaligen in Pleasant Hill, our estate and probate law firm’s experienced founding attorney advises skillfully on the use of tax deductions, capital gains, and gift and charitable giving issues, and how families can avoid so-called “death taxes.” Additionally, Ms. Penhaligen is knowledgeable about how to pass on property tax valuations on the transfers residences and additional real property from parent to children and, in some instances, grandchildren.

Take Advantage Of Our Lawyer’s Tax Law Degree

Her Masters Degree in Tax Law makes Ms. Penhaligen uniquely qualified and highly knowledgeable about asset protection, taxation on the transfers of assets, capital gains, and gift and charitable giving issues, so that her clients’ legacies can be protected the way they actually intended it to be.

As the tax planning lawyer for your estate, Ms. Penhaligen offers thoughtful counsel from both tax and legal perspectives, using lessons from her 20-plus years of experience and guiding you to the best personal and economic decisions for you and your family.

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