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Providing Confidence During The Probate Process

If an estate has to go through probate to be transferred to heirs, attorney Jane K. Penhaligen can be right there beside you, with guidance and support that get results.

Ask anyone who has endured the probate experience, and you will hear a groan, then complaints about long delays and mounting costs, including filing fees and attorney fees. The probate process is complicated even in the best of situations. However, if you do not have your property in a living trust, your property will have to go through the formal probate in order to be transferred to your heirs. This is true even if you have a will.

“I would absolutely recommend Jane’s law office to any one in the future. At a time when you are grieving over the loss of a loved one and the last thing you want to deal with are legal matters it’s comforting to find someone like Jane. Both her and her office staff were polite, knowledgeable and very efficient throughout my legal process. I was so pleased with the handling of my probate case that I hired Jane to do additional work and the results were five star.” Steve P., Davis

Experienced Lawyer Handling Estate Administration Matters

A trust established during a person’s lifetime, and intended to pass property to heirs that has most of the assets owned by the trust, will avoid probate. Though the successor trustee (who acts like the executor) will likely need the services of an attorney and a CPA to transfer the assets to the heirs when the person who established the trust dies, the costs and delays are much less than those associated with probate.

No matter where you are in the process of estate planning, Jane K. Penhaligen has the knowledge and experience to help you make sound decisions. If you have any questions about living trusts or other estate planning concerns, please contact us in Pleasant Hill by phone or email to arrange a free half-hour initial consultation. Call 925-464-1598.