Protecting Your Family – Preserving Your Future

A solidly crafted, customized estate plan not only benefits your family in the future – it can work to your financial advantage throughout your life! Jane K. Penhaligen’s knowledge of taxation and proactive estate planning has saved her East Bay clients’ money time and again and provided the security her client’s want for their families.


Estate Planning For Life

The Law Office Of Jane K. Penhaligen is the experienced California law firm to look to – for useful legal advice that ensures your family’s future financial security and attentive personal service that makes you feel special. As your attorney, Ms. Penhaligen provides a customized estate plan for your needs. She also holds a master’s degree in taxation law, making her ideally equipped to help you minimize estate taxes and maximize the amount left to your heirs.

Ms. Penhaligen will review with you your every estate planning option. She helps you understand how specific estate planning tools, such as a will or a trust, can help ensure your estate remains intact to pass on to your family and loved ones.

Guidance Through Probate

Even in the best of circumstances, the probate process is complex. Lawyer Jane K. Penhaligen uses her more than 20 years of estate and probate legal experience to make matters less time-consuming, less stressful and less expensive for you. She will be there with you to ensure you understand the probate process and to help you navigate it with ease.

Assistance With Trust Administration

Thoughtful Counsel From Tax And Legal Perspectives

The effort you put into building a strong estate plan can be a final gift to those you love most – and Jane K. Penhaligen is here to help. Most people have concerns and objectives and want an attorney who will listen to them. Ms. Penhaligen helps people create solid estate plans that bring them comfort while securing their future and that of their family.

Do you want to know how to best transfer your estate to your family and friends? Call the Law Office of Jane K. Penhaligen. We know you’re busy, so we make a point of providing friendly and prompt service.

What Our Clients Say:

“Jane’s calm, knowledgeable assistance made a difficult situation survivable. I am so confident in her knowledge and abilities that I would recommend her without hesitation. She’s the best!” – Karen P.

“Jane is very professional and patiently answered all our questions. We were very pleased with the final outcome. I highly recommend her services. You will be in good hands.” – Stoyan P.

“I hired Jane to help me with an estate settlement and had her update my trust. Jane is very professional and is an expert in her field. I would not hesitate to hire her again.” – Susan S.

“With the help of Jane, we came to realize that having a proper Estate Plan in place provided our family with a road map. I would not hesitate to recommend Jane to our family and friends.” – Patricia & James

“I would absolutely recommend Jane’s law office to anyone in the future. Both her and her office staff were polite, knowledgeable, and very efficient throughout my legal process.” – Laura W.

“Great experience with Jane Penhaligen setting up a family trust. Efficient,  communicative and professional. Highly recommend her services.” – Steve